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About the Grant Cycle

Grants can be intimidating, we are here to simplify the grant process for you. There are three levels of grants: local, state, and federal. We will help you through the entire grant writing process.


​Local Grants

This level of grant funding is the simplest to execute. Depending on your needs and the size of the funding opportunity, this level could be completed in one week. These applications are generally straightforward and may only be a few pages.​

State Grants

These grants could take weeks to complete and the process would be much more involved. This level of funding will require a LOI (Letter of Intent), a fully detailed project proposal as well as a thoroughly laid out budget of all planned expenses, LOS (letters of support). These applications could take up to a week to complete. 


Federal Funding

The main differences between state and federal funding would be the timeliness to complete the applications (Federal taking much longer and a much more involved application process) as well as much larger funding opportunities.  In most cases, the larger the grant the lesser chance of awarding. The average award rate of a federal grant is 15%.

Do not let this deter you from considering federal funding, but knowing the statistics of awardees is crucial.   

All grants at each level required a follow up report, of sorts, this will include pictures, all receipts of funding spent, a full description of how the the project was completed and if it met expectations.

At Lakeside Grants, LLC. we will guide you through the grant process entirely, including the final follow up report.

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