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Retainer Levels

Our services are available once a retainer fee is received from the client and the business agreement is signed.


A common misconception regarding grant writers, 'Can't you pay yourself with the grant funding?' No, unfortunately, we can not. Grant writers can not compensate their time with grant funding.


Below are our three offered retainer levels and what we recommend for your Grant Journey



Level I Retainer

The Kayak (Level I Retainer) $500 fee is recommended for local or smaller grants. A Kayak fee would typically cover about a week of grant writing services.



Level II Retainer

The Canoe (Level II Retainer) $1,000 fee is recommended for state grants. The Canoe would approximately cover 1 - 2 weeks of grant writing services. 



Level III Retainer

The Pontoon (Level III Retainer) $3,000 is recommended for larger state grants, federal grant opportunities, or multiple projects seeking grant funding.

How This Works

Casting Net


Step 1

Schedule a free virtual consultation meeting with one of our Grant Writing Specialists. Prior to the meeting think about your project and meet with your board, or team for approval to seek funding for your projects.


Step II

Once you have decided to use our services, we will email your team a detailed business agreement outlining our services. Once the Kayak, Canoe or Pontoon Retainer is received, we begin the grant journey with you.


Step III

We begin searching GrantStation (our grant database) to find the perfect funding opportunity for your project. We use Harvest for transparent time tracking, a report will be emailed to the client every Friday. We use Asana (project management software) to kelp us stay organized!

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